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Submission Eligibility

Submission Guidelines


  1. Any undergraduate who conducted any research at any university with correspondence with or guidance from a faculty member. UIC undergraduates or students who conducted research at UIC are highly encouraged.
  2. The primary author must be an undergraduate student. Manuscripts may be submitted up to one year after graduation for research conducted during the undergraduate years.
  3. Research that is currently under review at another journal or that has been previously published is not eligible for submission. Copyright ownership belongs to the author.
  4. Any original research in any field is eligible for this journal. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, Honors College Capstone projects, Engineering Senior Design projects, senior theses, and English Composition final papers.
  5. An electronic copy of the author-mentor agreement must be submitted to the journal (uicresearchjournal@gmail.com) before consideration for the IURJ will begin. The form can be found here: IURJ Student Mentor Agreement Form