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Who is eligible? Any undergraduate who conducted any research at any university with correspondence with or guidance from a faculty member. UIC undergraduates or students who conducted research at UIC are highly encouraged.  Students must be primary authors on the paper. For more information on eligibility, click here.

How can I become involved with IURJ? If you are a student and interested in joining our staff, please email us at UICUndergradResearchJournal@gmail.com. If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow or faculty member interested in being a peer reviewer, please fill out the form here.

I graduated last year and completed research as an undergraduate. Can I still submit my paper? Yes, undergraduate students are allowed to submit papers up to 1 year after graduation but must still follow all other guidelines listed here.

When does IURJ publish? The deadline for the Fall 2018 issue is June 1, 2018.

What does “open access” mean? “Open access” means that your peer-reviewed research is freely available to the public.

I am an undergraduate student with no research experience, but I really want to get involved and one day publish with IURJ. What are some resources that are available to me? UIC offers many resources for students who are interested in research. Please visit the Undergraduate Research Experience to find a project and supervisor at UIC.

I’m not an Honors College student. Can I still submit something? Of course! IURJ is not limited to students in the Honors College.

If you have other questions please email us at UICUndergradResearchJournal@gmail.com!